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Mall Advertising


Through our working relationship with Outdoor Advertising specialist, Clear Channel Outdoor, we offer a national network of interior and exterior spectacular billboards, banners and mall posters in key, high traffic locations. Cadillac Fairview’s extensive customer base enables these media to deliver large numbers of impressions that influence shoppers when they are making their purchasing decisions. The Mall Media program can be used to complement a national promotion or advertising campaign in other media, allowing marketers to maximize the effectiveness of their expenditures.


To contact Clear Channel Outdoor regarding your Mall Media program requirements, please call: +1 416-408-0800.


NEO Advertising Food Court Live


Welcome to Canada’s exclusive food court news, information and advertising network. Operating in the most prestigious shopping malls in Canada, Food Court Live© dominates its environment and delivers up-to-date information and advertising to millions of consumers every week. Flexible, engaging and cost effective, Food Court Live© delivers your message in the heart of our shopping centres.


To advertise please call: +1 877-326-4456


National Promotions & Strategic Partnerships

Bring Your Brands to Life!

• National Brand Promotions (Short & Long Term)
• Partnership Programs
• Advertising Opportunities


Cadillac Fairview’s National Promotions & Strategic Partnership Program provides promotional and advertising opportunities, in an effort to target key retailing periods and reinforce your brand position.


With our national portfolio of premier shopping centres, and high profile office properties across Canada, Cadillac Fairview offers you access to millions of consumers per year through Promotions & Strategic Partnerships.


Cadillac Fairview’s National Partnership Program is our “One-Stop-Shop” for all your corporate promotions and advertising needs. Think of Cadillac Fairview’s portfolio of properties as a national, high visibility sales medium, and offering:


• Incredible traffic numbers of a captive, upscale demographic
• Targeted geographic, demographic and customer profiles
• Point of sale exposure to consumers for new product and service launches
• Cross-promotion opportunities with existing retailers
• Opportunities for marketing where you may connect with your consumer directly
• In-mall car promotional displays and parking area test-drives
• Build customer acquisition and retention by interacting with customers one-on-one.
• Sampling programs to launch/test product to target market
• Generate/gather consumer research


If you would like to request promotional space within our shopping centres, please complete the attached Request for Space Form and return to