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When it comes to your career, we know you have options and can work with any organization. With your talent and ambition, we want you to choose CF first.  Let us help you achieve your career goals!


Our organization consists of many talented people with diverse skills and expertise who collaborate across organizational boundaries to build a culture of service. From the moment you start your career with CF, you’ll experience our values in action: people who work hard to get results; who will go out their way to help others; who have immense pride in their work and in CF; who are open to doing things differently; who want to make a difference - and do! 



We recognize the importance of contributing to our communities through direct participation in social events and charitable work, and we encourage employees to actively engage in volunteer opportunities that matter most to them. Our overall goal is to help our employees make a meaningful impact to a charity of their choice by providing an annual one day paid absence for volunteering and corporate donation.



At CF, we work to create an environment that welcomes diversity and inclusion. We invite employees to feel comfortable at work, irrespective of their ethnic background, socio-economic condition, sexual orientation or other identifying criteria. CF’s respectful work environment is supported by our corporate vision and values.