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A bold vision to create a new city centre for Montréal’s East End at CF Galeries d’Anjou
Aug 24, 2020


The STM is planning the long-awaited extension of the metro blue line to CF Galeries d’Anjou.


Cadillac Fairview has a bold vision to catapult Montréal’s East End into the 21st century by incorporating the new transit hub into a modern, sustainable mixed-use development that could become the city centre of the East End. Together, we can imagine a brand-new, world-class development that puts people at the core of architecture and design.


Conceptual rendering of Cadillac Fairview's potential future development at CF Galeries d'Anjou  


Cadillac Fairview was the catalyst for the growth of Anjou when it built CF Galeries d’Anjou in 1968. For over 50 years, Cadillac Fairview has continued to expand and develop the property and invest in the community. We have the opportunity to reimagine the extension of the blue line as a modern, innovative and inclusive project that will revitalize the neighborhood – a mixed-use development that would include assorted residential buildings, seniors’ residence, an office campus, hotel, green spaces, a public plaza and walkable, livable streets.


The success of such a development depends on the ability to integrate the new proposed metro and bus terminus into the project. The STM’s plans must be reconsidered to ensure that they do not hinder any development or the continued success of CF Galeries d’Anjou and negatively impact the Anjou community. An open air bus terminus that does not take into account sustainable development principles, standalone metro stations, massive incentive parking garages and new high-traffic roads intersecting the property must be avoided.


Cadillac Fairview’s vision for the future of Anjou includes a transit hub that is part of a vibrant Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) that integrates TOD guiding principles by offering:


  • A diversity of residential, retail, commercial and other uses in a high density cohesive development, thereby allowing for greater integration of service and more job opportunities, all in a safe and attractive environment of human scale.
  • Multi-modal connections, allowing transfers to alternative transport to be an easier and warmer experience, while connecting the transit hub to surrounding foot and bike traffic networks.
  • An architecturally distinct environment with a refined image of the building and landscape ensemble.


The vision that we have for the future CF Galeries d’Anjou neighbourhood is to create a 21st century, inclusive, quality living environment that is of human scale, dynamic, sustainable and meets the contemporary challenges of urban development.


Additionally, we strongly believe that any mixed-use, high-density neighbourhood must be built around streets that are pedestrian and bike-friendly, where the new metro and bus station would be integrated with offices, restaurants, shops and proximity services, and new residential spaces. The new metro station must be integrated to a carefully planned urban development to optimize land use and promote densification of spaces in accordance with sustainability principles, and to promote the use of active and alternative modes of transportation in a safe environment.


Additional information:

CF presented its vision at a public consultation for the STM, which was held this past March. For this detailed overview, please click here.


Media contact:

Martine Robert  

[email protected]

M: +1 514-212-7812  


About Cadillac Fairview

Cadillac Fairview is one of the largest owners, operators and developers of best-in-class office, retail and mixed-use properties in North America. The Cadillac Fairview portfolio is owned by the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, a diversified global investor which administers the pensions of more than 323,000 active and retired school teachers. The real estate portfolio also includes investments in retail, mixed-use and industrial real estate in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.


Valued at over $30 billion, the Canadian portfolio includes over 35 million square feet of leasable space at 69 properties in Canada, including landmark developments, such as Toronto-Dominion Centre, CF Toronto Eaton Centre, CF Pacific Centre, CF Chinook Centre, Tour Deloitte and CF Carrefour Laval.