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CF Rideau Centre Partners with the Digital Arts Resource Centre (formerly known as SAW Video) to showcase Ottawa’s Local Art Community in Interactive Exhibit
Oct 01, 2020


CF Rideau Centre invites guests to experience interactive by local Ottawa-based artists
from October 6 to 31, 2020 


(OTTAWA, ON) October 1, 2020 - CF Rideau Centre is proud to collaborate with the Digital Arts Resource Centre (DARC) to showcase artwork from some of Ottawa’s local artists. Starting on October 6th, CF Rideau Centre will host an exhibit featuring four interactive art installations by former DARC students that guests can enjoy throughout the month of October. Each piece includes a digital video that plays with spatial elements and relies on touchless audience interaction to convey its theme.


“At CF, we recognize the important role of art in the community to create a sense of place that is both expressive and meaningful, especially during a time when the world needs more inspiration,” says Brian O’Hoski, General Manager at CF Rideau Centre. “We’re proud to partner with the Digital Arts Resource Centre to provide a platform for local artists to share their art and foster impactful connections with the Ottawa community.”


The exhibit will feature the following art installations:


An Endless Sound by Deirdre Morrison: An Endless Sound is an interactive web art installation that explores transitional space through movement and sound. The viewer is encouraged to navigate through the space, controlling the speed at which time passes by dragging the cursor. In examining our desire to imitate nature and replicate sound from memory, the piece questions: “how do we remember a place?” and “what is revealed by absence?”


Brishti Pore, Tapur Tupur by Najeeba Ahmed: Rooted in the artist’s experience of being cocooned during the COVID-19 quarantine environment, ‘Brishti Pore, Tapur Tupur’ explores the meditative experience of introspection and play with rain. The screen in this interactive web art becomes a canvas inviting the viewer to participate in creating marks, erasures, and connections between the raindrops. The interplay of the screen layers depicting the connection between external and internal states of being prompts a sense of groundedness towards the present.


Fragment Dots by Conor Byron: Fragment Dots is a cubic lattice of shimmering, overlapping circular points whose sizes are changed based on a modulo operation. The resulting pattern created on the surface of the cube depends on the angle from which it is viewed. The work invites its viewers to move through and around it using zoom and rotation. This piece was designed to work well on any device it may be loaded on, relying on interactions that are intuitive and consistent across mouse/keyboard and touch screen interfaces.


P A L M Y R A P L A Z A by Mercedes Ventura: P A L M Y R A P L A Z A is an interactive media artwork conceptualized and produced for the web browser. The artwork features a fictional abandoned mall’s central plaza, containing a variety of items made from pixel art and crude graphics, reminiscent of early video game and web interface graphics. It puts emphasis on the often-absurd nature of spaces, both physical and digital, built for consumer capitalism and pop culture.


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About the Digital Arts Resource Centre (DARC)


Digital Arts Resource Centre (formerly known as SAW Video) is a not-for-profit, artist-run, digital and media art centre that fosters the growth and development of artists through access to technology, training, mentorship, and programming. Our mission is to support a diverse community of digital and media artists empowered by technology, programming and the exchange of ideas. DARC actively promotes equity for all artists regardless of race, age, class, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, language or ability.


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