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At Cadillac Fairview, our top priority is to build strong relationships and quality environments that support success. That means building, maintaining and enhancing a portfolio of office properties to the highest of standards, capable of exceeding the needs of even the most sophisticated tenants, today and far into the future. We are committed to work environments that are responsive, sustainable and inspiring. We are also committed to building strong and lasting relationships with our tenants and our partners in the brokerage community.

Cadillac Fairview’s Best in Class capital investment strategy is designed to ensure that the highest standards are maintained throughout our office portfolio.

In an even larger sense, it means that as an organization, we must always remain open to fresh ideas and new directions that can help us maximize the long term potential of our assets and strengthen those relationships that are so vital to our continued success.


Our dedicated office leasing team is a talented, dedicated group of people, knowledgeable about regional and national markets and global trends that continue to drive our industry in new, exciting directions.

Our team would like to tell you about our company-wide commitment to creating the most sustainable office environments in the industry. We would also like to tell you about the exciting leasing opportunities available and to learn about your plans for the future and your perspectives on the market and the economy in general.


We clearly understand that our continued success will be determined by the quality of the properties we present to the market and the strength of the relationships we develop and sustain. We’re excited about the future. Let’s get together and talk about it.