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At Cadillac Fairview, sustainable thinking has become an important part of our decision making process. It influences how we design and build new projects, upgrade and expand existing properties and manage the day-to-day operations across our commercial portfolio. In less than a decade, environmental awareness and a growing sense of individual and community responsibility have dramatically changed the environmental policies and practices of our industry. At Cadillac Fairview, we’re proud of the leadership role we’ve played in this important transformation and the tremendous progress we’ve made as a company on the sustainability front.


Through our national GREEN AT WORK program and a rigorous set of performance standards, we’ve been able to achieve remarkable results across our portfolio, substantially reducing energy consumption

and waste, improving environmental protection and working in partnership with our tenants to advance sustainable practices wherever possible.


In addition, our commitment to the LEED Green Building Rating System has already resulted in many Cadillac Fairview properties achieving certification, with others actively engaged in the process.


As one of North America’s largest owners and managers of commercial real estate, we are committed to being Best in Class in every area of our business. Our commitment to sustainable action has improved the quality and performance of our assets, reduced our environmental footprint and strengthened our connections to the communities we serve.