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International Investments

Strategy Overview

The Investment Group at Cadillac Fairview is responsible for evaluating investment opportunities in real estate globally on behalf of Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. This process involves sourcing, underwriting, and executing an extensive range of opportunities across the risk spectrum according to a disciplined and rigorous valuation methodology.


The Investment Group draws heavily on the in-house knowledge and experience of the other divisions within the organization through all levels of the investment management process, while also supported by local partners and experts when investing abroad in new markets. This flexible and dynamic approach enables Cadillac Fairview to capitalize on emerging investment opportunities.


Investment Criteria

The Investment Group is presently focused on strategic relationships and opportunities in three core markets: Canada, United States and Latin America. While currently active in these markets, we are always evaluating new markets as circumstances evolve.


The Investment Group embraces a broad range of opportunities within the property market, evaluating projects across all asset classes, including, but not limited to retail, office, residential and industrial. Asset quality remains of critical importance, with Class A quality and regional dominance being a requirement.


Within these broad guidelines we are capable of executing public or private transactions at the entity or asset level, and able to deploy capital as both debt and equity.