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At Cadillac Fairview, our priority is to build relationships and environments that support success. That means providing our retail partners with dynamic and highly effective platforms to showcase their brands, products and services and creating a retail experience that is welcoming and personally enriching for shoppers.


In an even larger sense, it means that as an organization, we must always remain open to fresh ideas and innovative directions that can help us maximize the potential of our assets and strengthen those relationships that are so vital to our success.


Our retail leasing team is a talented, dedicated group of people, knowledgeable about regional and national markets and global trends that continue to drive our industry in new, exciting directions.

Our leasing team would like to tell you about the $2.7 billion we have invested into the expansion and modernization of key assets within our portfolio and the exciting leasing opportunities available. In the shopping centre business, success is dependent on the quality of the relationships we develop over time. We’re very excited about the retail business and building strong relationships. Let’s start the conversation.




Owning and managing almost a third of the Canadian shopping centre market and dominating in major urban centres such as Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal, has ideally positioned Cadillac Fairview to take advantage of a growing economy and offer our retail partners exceptional opportunities in sophisticated, high income and expanding markets.


Cadillac Fairview owns and manages 50% of the top 25 performing centres in Canada. Sales in our shopping centres typically perform about 30% higher than the ICSC Canadian average. International retailers on average are experiencing sales two to four times greater in Cadillac Fairview’s Canadian centres than in comparable shopping centres in the U.S. When a retailer takes space in our assets, it enters into a strong partnership with a much greater likelihood of long term success.

Cadillac Fairview shopping centres consistently outperform the competition in all critical categories and with a major $2.7 billion expansion and redevelopment in progress, sales performance is expected to increase substantially.


We're changing the way Canadians experience retail from good to great. Building strong relationships is at the heart of that. We don't just want to be a landlord; we want to help our clients find true success. Partner with Cadillac Fairview, and let us connect you with Canada's most valuable shoppers. Cadillac Fairview: where it all comes together.