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At CF our core business is designing, building and operating premium commercial properties; our heritage is one of seeing growth and opportunity in distinctive urban spaces.  We pride ourselves on having the unique ability to transform a vision of unrealized possibility into a vibrant destination where people can work, shop, live and dine in exciting, immersive environments.


We recognize the interrelationship between environmental, social and governance practices and their impact on the communities in which we operate. We channel CF’s core values and the capabilities of our people to positively impact these communities and influence change while creating value for our clients, partners and shareholder.


We have adopted a more comprehensive alignment of our Corporate Responsibility strategy with our overall business strategy and organizational values, with clear objectives and measures that provide focus and priority to current and new initiatives:


  1. To reinforce and promote a culture where CF employees feel connected to our  Responsibility strategy, and empowered to positively impact the communities in which they live and work
  2. To achieve the highest  ESG industry standards relevant to our portfolio
  3. To have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate, and engage our clients, customers and other stakeholders in full understanding of our commitment
  4. To ensure we operate with good management practices  and rigorous oversight  to protect our employees, our clients, our shareholder, and other stakeholders

To learn more about our approach to Corporate Responsibility, check out our 2015 Corporate Responsibility video. 





Our 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report reflects an important evolution in how CF communicates. Our goal is to embed the principles of corporate responsibility into all of our activities, set measurable targets and report our progress in a transparent and accessible manner. This is why the 2015 Report now follows international Global Reporting Initiative G4 reporting standards.


Our report was developed through a materiality analysis to identify the ESG issues that present risks or opportunities to our company, as well as the issues of most concern to external stakeholders.


We know that our engagement with all stakeholders, securing their input and involvement, is fundamental to ensuring that strategies are translated into action. With the right principles and processes in place, and through our strong culture of engagement with all CF communities – employees, clients, shoppers and the local communities of which we are an integral part – we’re confident that we will be able to demonstrate meaningful results and progress against our objectives.  


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