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Cadillac Fairview launches Ravel

CF ushers in a new era of collaboration to fuse digital technologies, physical spaces and human experiences


At Cadillac Fairview, we recognize that innovation is the lifeblood of our business. That’s why, in a time of unprecedented change in the retail industry, we are exploring new business models and services to help our retailers connect with more shoppers and drive increased sales through initiatives that provide a more rewarding shopping experience for all consumers.


Inside CF, we foster a culture of constant testing and continuous improvement through innovation. It’s to those ends that we are announcing a number of investments in innovation that support our strategic priorities in both our retail and office portfolios, while contributing to Canada’s digital economy.


CF’s point of difference

Headed by Jose Ribau, EVP, Digital and Innovation at Cadillac Fairview, Ravel is a new business entity with a unique and highly integrated operating model that both disrupts and gives support to the industry from within. Jose has brought together a strong set of leaders across key domains to guide Ravel, including marketing, technology, data and digital product development.


With end-to-end responsibility that spans design to deployment, Ravel’s unique, data-driven model is highly agile, able to capitalize on market trends, and respond quickly to the evolving needs of consumers, retailers and office clients.


Accelerating Canada’s competitiveness in technology and AI by investing in Framework Venture Partners Fund I

CF is proud to announce its participation as an anchor investor in a new $150 million fund from Framework Venture Partners, a Canada-focused technology venture capital firm. The investment is aligned to CF’s goal of contributing to the growth of Canada’s digital economy and developing made-in-Canada AI solutions.


A focus on digital innovation

Ravel by CF is an organization focused on removing the friction from today’s retail shopping experience, unleashing the untapped potential of physical space and customer experience within some of the world’s best commercial real estate. At Ravel, we will work with established leaders and new entrants in the ecosystems of retail, marketing, and technology to build a digitally driven innovation platform that connects people, spaces and data.


Ravel by CF will test and develop emerging technologies, explore ways to drive greater value from our assets and pollinate new business models and service solutions. Working in concert with partners, our integrated and agile approach will reshape the industry and redefine shopping and consumer spaces for the future.


What to expect from Ravel

Ravel by CF will be able to help relay consumers’ needs to retailers before they set foot inside a CF shopping centre, and in turn help retail brands exceed customers’ expectations through tailored services and offers. This will be accomplished through new services that offer upgraded wayfinding, personalized shopping assistance, and exclusive brand-led VIP experiences, while at the same time making navigation, discovery and payments easier.


Our office clients will also see enhancements. Ravel by CF will introduce office employees to an improved workplace experience through a range of professional services and amenities. Offered through digital platforms, these amenities will help employees obtain greater access to the services that matter to them when they need them.


What our leaders and partners say about CF’s strategic investments in digital innovation