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A message from our CEO
Jun 04, 2020

A message from our CEO:


More than ever, we believe that despite the economic hardships that all corporations are facing, we have to continue to invest in our youth – they are the future of our country and the global community, and we need to ensure they have the tools and opportunities to drive change.


Each year Cadillac Fairview commits a large portion of our philanthropic funds towards charities that focus on empowering and inspiring youth to make positive change in their community and the lives of others. We are listening to our community, and this year, in addition to our youth partners across the country, we are proud to support Ontario Black History Society and the Jean Augustine Centre for Girls, Black Youth Helpline, and Black Coalition of Quebec.


Right now racial discrimination against the Black community is something the entire world is taking a stand against. Sadly, it is also pervasive in Canada, and we all have to take action and make positive change.


As proud Canadians we feel it’s also important to show support for our Indigenous community, and will be partnering with the Urban Native Youth Association in Vancouver, a centre of Indigenous youth excellence, supporting youth on their journeys by amplifying and celebrating their voices.


Recently CF created a platform that allows Canadians to submit requests for donations to support the great work that is being done with a registered charity in Canada during these tough times. Please visit for details and how to participate.


For a full list of our charity partners and to learn more about our philanthropic efforts, please visit


Let’s build a brighter future together.  Meet you there.


John Sullivan